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Auriginals Organic Tea Tree Oil

Auriginal's Tea tree oil is sourced from the original birthplace of the Tea Tree species.

Carbon dating on our region has confirmed that the birthplace stems over 30,000 years. Our oldest living Mother Tree is estimated to be in excess of 1,000 years old!

   Australia's native Aborigines discovered the Tea tree plant hundreds of years ago.
They discovered that Tea Tree plant possessed tremendous healing properties for a wide variety of ailments.
Auriginals Organic Tea Tree Oil
Our Tea tree plants are harvested on our 2,000 plus acre farmland. We often have to travel through heavy rains and rough muddy trails to ensure we get the best quality.
Auriginals Tea Tree Oil Organic Auriginals Organic Tea Tree Oil Farm

Our Tea Tree oil processing and extracting methods have not changed much from close to 100 years ago. 

Auriginals Australian Organic Tea Tree Oil FarmAuriginal Tea Tree Oil Organic  
The Tea Tree leaves are put through a rigorous long-term distillation process, to ensure that all the components are extracted to their maximum level of purity.
(recycled bush-fire destroyed wood is used to power our steam distillers)
Auriginal Organic Tea Tree Oil
Fully grown Tea trees can reach some 30 feet in height, but the mother trees can reach significantly higher. Our farm has the most mother seed trees in the world.
Auriginal Organic Tea Tree Oil
Auriginal Organic Tea Tree Oil 

Some of the boys gathering the Tea Tree leaves.

Auriginals Organic Tea Tree OilAuriginals Australian Organic Tea Tree Oil Farm
And some of the animals on our farm!
Auriginals Tea Tree Edition

Auriginals is not just a typical Skincare products brand.

We represent a Movement.

A movement which promotes the use of high quality, natural and plant based Skincare products.

A movement which stands by not doing any harm and damage to our planet.

A movement which will always be against animal testing and cruelty.

Connect your bodies and souls back with nature and try our natural Tea Tree products today.


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