What Makes Auriginals Different?

Auriginals - What makes Auriginals different?

There are plenty of skincare product companies out there. What makes Auriginals different?

Here are Our Top 7 Reasons:

1. Auriginals signature ingredient (Organic Tea Tree oil), is extracted from our farmland, where scientific tests have determined it to be the ecological birthplace of the Tea Tree species. In other words, we use the highest quality and most pure Tea Tree oil available in the world!


2. We are a 100% natural, 100% vegan, 100% against animal testing and an eco-ethical brand.


3. We are an affordable luxury brand, selling high-end products at affordable prices.


4. No nasty chemicals in our products - Never Ever!


5. We provide our customers with a luxury buying experience, providing excellent end to end customer service and after sales support.


6. We provide full 100% transparency with our product ingredients. We also offer interesting and secret insider information about the Skincare industry via our email newsletter.


7. All of our products are 100% Made in clean and green Australia (and always will be!).


*Note: The environment in which these native Australian trees grow is crucial to the oil content. No other trees will provide the 100 components of Tea Tree's from the ecological birthplace of the species. 











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