Auriginals - FAQ

1. What payment methods does Auriginals accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

2. Is it safe to make a purchase on Auriginals with my credit card?
We have designed the site to be as safe and secure as possible. We use payment gateways with Stripe and PayPal. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

3. How do I know if Auriginals has received my order?
You will receive a confirmation email immediately after placing your order.

4. Can my delivery be sent to a PO Box?
PO Boxes are acceptable as we are using the Australia Post network.

5. Can I track my order?
Yes. You will be provided with a tracking number after your order is dispatched from our warehouse. You will receive the tracking number in your email inbox and you can track your order via the Australia Post website.

6. What kind of packaging will I receive my order?
You will receive our special packaging which will be bubble wrapped for protection. The full details are a secret and we hope to surprise you!

7. What if my favourite item is sold out?
We will update our product page to include the re-stocking date. Alternatively, you can use our LiveChat feature or contact us at contact@auriginals.com.au to find out when your item will be re-stocked.

8. Do you have a store location?
We are an online retailer only. Please note that we use very safe and secure technology (SSL level) for you to comfortably make purchases via our online shopping cart. If you have any questions or enquiries, please use our LiveChat feature or send us an email to contact@auriginals.com.au.

9. Bulk Orders
We cater for bulk purchases and can potentially offer bulk discounts depending on the quantity. Simply you can reach us via our LiveChat feature or at contact@auriginals.com.au

10. Some items are missing from my order.
Our normal fulfilment rate is 95%-100%. If any items are missing or if there are any issues, please contact us via our LiveChat feature or at contact@auriginals.com.au and we will investigate the matter immediately.

11. Are Auriginals products made in Australia?
Yes, and this will always be the case!

12. Do Auriginals really offer a product guarantee?
Yes. We sincerely stand behind the quality of our products and therefore offer a 100% product returns guarantee!

13. Are all Auriginals products 100% organic?
We use 100% certified organic Tea Tree oil in all of our products (our signature ingredient). Our Tea Tree oil and Tea Tree Hydrosol is 100% organic. Our Tea Tree Face Wash and Tea Tree Shower Gel is mostly organic but not 100%. Unfortuantely a 
100% organic product would make the Face Wash and Shower Gel very expensive and out of reach for a lot of customers. 

14. Are Auriginals products 100% Vegan
Yes. All of our products are 100% natural, 100% vegan and 100% made in Australia and this will never change!

15. Do Auriginals test their products on Animals?
NO. This goes against what we stand for, and we will never profit from animal cruelty. This is also why we'll never directly sell into China (The import laws in China currently state that all Skincare products need to be tested on animals before being allowed to be directly sold there).

16. Are Auriginals products organically certified?
Auriginals signature ingredient (Tea Tree oil) is certified organic in Australia (ACO), in the US (USDA Certified Organic) and the main certification body in Europe (EU Organic Farming).

17. I have more questions.
Please feel free to use our LiveChat feature or send us an email on contact@auriginals.com.au ! 




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