Tell Me About Tea Tree Oil...

Auriginals - What's the deal with Organic Tea Tree Oil -

Tea Tree oil is known as a medicine cabinet in a bottle. The 'cure all' of essential oils.

Tea Tree (Botanical name: Melaleuca alternifolia) is a plant is native to Australia.There are almost 100 naturally identified compounds in Tea Tree oil, which makes it virtually impossible for bacteria to build a resistance to.

Tea Tree oil is one of the most researched and scientifically proven anti-microbial agents when used for the treatment of skin infections.

Tea Tree oil is also very effective to use for non skincare purposes. You can check out some of the many uses of Tea Tree oil below:

Skin Related Conditions General Uses
Acne Natural household cleaner (mix with water)
Pimples Natural pest control (mix with water and spray)
Psoriasis Disinfectant (clean your phone and keyboard, mix with water and wipe)
Scarring Natural Deodorant
Mosquito bites Nappy rinses
Rashes (mix with coconut oil and massage) After shaving/waxing
Ingrown hairs Remove ticks
Cold sores Head lice
Cuts Natural insect repellent
Athletes Foot Healing bath
Eczema Mold treatment
Yeast infections Laundry Freshener (add a few drops in the wash)
Anti-fungal foot problems Gum disease
Nail Fungus  Body odour
Styes (add few drops of oil and use a steam towel. Apply warm compresses) Foot odour
Jock Itch (mix with olive oil) Coughs (mix 5 drops into hot water and inhale)
Herpes simplex Sore throats (mix 5 drops into hot water and inhale)
Candida Flu (mix 5 drops into hot water and inhale)
Warts Any other bacterial or viral illness

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*Note: Not all Tea Tree oil is created equal. Extensive research shows the environment in which these native Australian trees grow is crucial to the oil content. No other trees will provide the 100 components of Tea Tree''s from the ecological birthplace of the species. Each species and variety grown elsewhere will have a different chemical composition.


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