9 Ways A Tea Tree Spray Can Better Your Life

Tea Tree Spray (officially known as a Hydrosol) is a floral water that is created by steam distilling Tea Tree leaves. 
Tea Tree sprays are so versatile because there are almost 100 naturally identified compounds in Tea Tree, which makes it virtually impossible for bacteria to build a resistance to. Tree has been known for its healing and disinfecting properties for over a century and is one of the most scientifically proven plants.

Read on for the: 9 Ways Tea Tree Spray Can Change Your Life:


1. Spray For Your Blankets, Pillows & Doona's

Research shows, testing on new and old pillows found at least one or two types of asthma or sickness-causing bacteria in each sample tested. Some contained a dozen different microscopic creepy crawlies. Dead skin cells, mites, mould, and fungus are also common pillow stuffers. Spraying your pillows, blankets and doona's regularly is a good hygiene practice.


2. Natural Cleaning Spray

Anything that needs disinfecting, cleaning, or balancing can benefit from Tea Tree Sprays. Use it to clean household surfaces like counter-tops and kitchen floors. Make sure to also use the spray around your home whenever the air smells a tad stale.


3. Toothbrush Cleaner

Few people think about cleaning their toothbrush, but it’s strongly recommended due to the large bacterial build up. Spray your toothbrush a few times a week with a Tea Tree spray to keep it clean!


4. Ease Itchy Mosquito Bites

Being from Australia we’re use to our fair share of mosquitoes. Getting bitten is never fun. Studies have shown that Tea Tree can play a role in decreasing the red or flesh coloured lump that raises after a bite. It is best to use the Tea Tree spray on a mosquito bite to reduce the severity of the initial reaction and soothe the burning itching sensation that can make you go crazy!


5. Clean Minor Cuts and Abrasions

Tea Tree is one of the most researched for its antimicrobial effectiveness. Minor cuts and abrasions can therefore be aided with a Tea Tree spray. You should spray the affected area to ward off infection. 


6. Natural Aluminium Free Deodorant

There are a lot of natural DIY deodorant recipes out there, but the most popular and reportedly most effective ones all have one thing in common: Tea Tree. Comfortably feel free to use the Spray throughout the day.


7. Natural Air Freshener

Using a Tea Tree spray in the air will help to remove bacteria, viruses, mould and other germs you’re your home's atmosphere. The scent of this homemade air freshener will permeate throughout your house. 


8. Natural Pest Control

Tea tree has a distinctive smell that will naturally (and safely) keep ants and other insects away. You can also spray directly in the areas of your home where bugs may be entering in from the outside.


9. Combat Acne  

Avoid using those expensive, unnatural, chemical-ridden acne treatments. Use a Tea Tree Spray on your face to naturally reduce your blemishes and handle your skin breakouts.


With so many great uses, Tea Tree Sprays should be a staple for every person to assist them with their day to day living!

If you are considering buying a bottle of Tea Tree oil for your home, make sure you only buy certified 100% organic, 100% pure and 100% Australian Tea Tree oil. This is so you avoid all of the low grade, synthetic and hazardous additives in many copycat products out there.

This bottle of Auriginals Tea Tree Essential oil is the highest quality Tea Tree oil available in the world, as it is sourced from our farm where scientists have determined it to be the ecological birthplace of the Tea Tree species. It is impossible to recreate the exact quality that grows in this original and natural environment.

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